Legislation Affecting Adoptions


Effective Date Legislation

The court will no longer accept Petitions for Release of Identifying Information. 

For information regarding acess to adoption filed and original birth certificates, please contact the customer service line at the Ohio Department of Health at 614-466-2531 or view their website here: Ohio Department of Health-Vital Statistics.

The Request for Copies of Adoption Files form can still be used to obtain non-identifying information and Final Decrees through this court.  This form can be found on our Adoption Forms Page.


House Bill 7:

  • Authorizes a maximum payment of $3,000 for a birth mother's living expenses that are incurred no more than sixty (60) days after the child's birth.
  • Reduces to six (6) months, the time that a child must reside with a foster caregiver before the foster caregiver may petition for adoption.
  • A birth parent's consent may not be required, if clear and convincing evidence is presented that there was no more than de minimis contact with the child.
  • An interlocutory order becomes final no more than one year after the adoptee is placed in the home, instead of from the date of the order.