Lucas County Probate Court Personnel


Probate Judge

Hon. Jack R. Puffenberger






Sue Braithwaite Court Administrator Email 419-213-4349


Nancy Miller Chief Magistrate   419-213-4775
Trevor Fernandes Assistant Chief Magistrate   419-213-4775
Steve Casiere     419-213-4775
Nedal Adya     419-213-4775
Margaret Weisenburger     419-213-4775


George Murnen Accounts Supervisor Email 419-213-4752
AnnMarie Jasin   Email 419-213-2642
Scott Noonan   Email 419-213-4820
Nathan Poore   Email 419-213-4769


Jill Bergman   Email 419-213-4794
Melissa Pniewski   Email 419-213-4881

Assignment Commissioner

Marina Cooper   Email 419-213-4320


Lukasz Wilson   Email 419-213-4362


Sue Braithwaite   Email 419-213-4349

Court Reporter

Jami Bettinger   Email 419-213-4796

Front Counter/Intake

Sue Braithwaite Office Manager Email 419-213-4349
Stephanie Lanham   Email 419-213-4810
Angie Enright   Email 419-213-4811
Melissa Pniewski   Email 419-213-4881
Audrey Corcoran   Email 419-213-4767
Anthony D'Arcangelo   Email 419-213-4766

Information Systems

Christy Frank IT Manager Email 419-213-4795
Joshua DiNardo   Email 419-213-4876
Sidney Haney   Email 419-213-4774

Marriage License

Beth Beasley Marriage Supervisor Email 419-213-4361
MaryPat King   Email 419-213-4361
Jeanne Pierce   Email 419-213-4361
Marsha Morris   Email 419-213-4361
Information Line     419-213-4750

Mental Health

Darlene Nicholson   Email 419-213-4363


Luellen Wilkowski   Email 419-213-4775


Linda Ether Records Supervisor Email 419-213-4847
Aimee Bloom     419-213-4364
Kylie Kerner   Email 419-213-4890
File Room     419-213-2698


General Information

Main Phone 419-213-4775
Main Fax 419-213-4764
Marriage License Recording 419-213-4750
Marriage License Fax 419-213-4645
Your input is valuable to us. Please email your general questions, comments, and suggestions to and we will reply as soon as possible. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT to be used for case specific information, filings or pleadings, or case emergencies. For an immediate issue, please call the court at 419-213-4775 instead.