Case Access



Our case access online provides information and search functionality for publicly available case records.  More information about searches and the type of information available is described below.

COURT COSTS: To ensure the most accurate calculation or confirmation of court costs, please call the Court for assistance.



IMPORTANT-Please read the following instructions to search for cases:

Case Number Searches: Case numbers must be typed out fully, with the entire case number.  Case number formats have changed over the years, so in order to search for previous years, you'll need to use the formats below:

Prior to August 2001:  Case Type then 2 Digit Year-4 Digit Case Number
For Example: ES97-0123 or GD98-0234 or TR99-3456

After August 2001: 4 Digit Year then Case Type then 6 Digit Case Number
For Example: 2001 EST 001602 or 2001 MST 001603 or 2001 GDN  001606


Case Types:  Adoption and Mental Health Records are omitted and considered confidential, but the following case types are available for public access:


Abbreviation Case Type
ADV Adversary Case
COB Correction of Birth Case
CON Conservatorship Case
DIS Disinterment Case
EST Estate Case
GDM Guardianship of Minor Case
GDN Guardianship of Incompetent Case
IVT Inter Vivos Trust Case
MPT Medicaid Payback Trust Case
MRG Marriage License Case
MSC Miscellaneous Case
MST Minor's Settlement Case
NCH Name Change Case
ROB Registration of Birth Case
TST Trust Case
WOD Will on Deposit

Name Searches: At least one initial for the Last Name field is required.